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Simple C for the PIC Microcontroller

Learn Embedded Software for the PIC Microcontroller

The tasks required of the PIC Microcontroller are becoming more complex year on year. While it is acceptable to obtain a grasp of the workings of the PIC Microcontroller by programming in assembly language, if more complex tasks are to be performed, a simpler language is needed. In addition, an engineer can cut his teeth on the PIC, become proficient in its assembly language but then be a complete novice if he needs to upgrade to a processor from a different manufacturer that uses a completely different set of instructions. A universal language is needed that is not processor dependent that enables an engineer to write software regardless of the platform and regardless of the complexity of the task in hand.

This is where the C programming language comes to the rescue and if you learn C for the PIC microcontroller this is the perfect place to start. It contains 113 pages of architecture descriptions, sample code that has been used in production circuits and detailed explanations of the code.

Most downloadable books on the C programming language point you to using expensive development tools and hardware.

This book explains how to use

  • a free PIC Microcontroller C Compiler

  • a free editor

  • free PIC Microcontrollers from Microchip

  • very low cost programmers

In this book, (available as a download below), the reader will learn C for the PIC Microcontroller including how to write, compile and debug programs using C and then learn how to download them to a target device.

The reader will become fluent in the basics of the C programming language and be writing his own programs within one day.

The book explains the architecture of the PIC, how to download and use the free software, how to write basic software routines including if, while, do..while, for loops, switch statements, header and C files, configuration bits, type definitions, binary, hex, decimal numbers, functions, interrupts, timers, LED driving routines, a bulletproof LCD driving routine including circuit diagrams as well lots of other C examples.

Once the basics of C are mastered, the reader can then progress to much more complex microprocessors and program them using exactly the same coding techniques learned on the PIC Microcontroller and a whole new world of embedded design opens up.

Download all the files needed from the following link:

Simple C for the PIC Microcontroller



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