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SPICE Models for LTspice

SPICE Models of some components that are needed with LTC devices.


Warning: Some MOSFET models result in slow simulation performance. Please see LTspice Tutorial 6 to create your own MOSFET models. Alternatively, use the models provided with LTspice and choose a device with similar RDSON and Qg to your MOSFET.


(Models from Diodes Inc):


N Channel FET to 20V

N Channel FET to 30V

N Channel FET to 99V

N Channel FET to 100V


P Channel FET to 20V

P Channel FET to 30V

P Channel FET to 99V

P Channel FET to 100V


Schottky Diodes


Zener Diodes


(Models from International Rectifier):


Spice Models from International Rectifier




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